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Master Modules

  • Big Data Analytics (University of Reading, 2013-present)
    Parallel Data Mining, Data Stream Mining, Recommendation Engines and Text Mining. Role(s): Convenor, Lecturer
  • Cloud Computing (University of Reading, 2013-2015)
    Cloud Computing Paradigm and technologies, i.e. MapReduce Role: Convenor

Undergraduate Modules

  • Databases (University of Reading, 2014-2017)
    Database modelling, design, implementation in PostgreSQL and stored procedure programming. Role(s): Convenor, Lecturer
  • Programming (University of Reading, 2013-present)
    C and C++ programming. Role(s):  Lecturer
  • Advanced Development (Bournemouth University, 2012)
    This unit is about the development of software architectures and the usage of architectural styles and patterns. Role(s):  Lecturer
  • Advanced Data Management (Bournemouth University, 2012)
    This unit is about the principles of data mining. Role(s):  Lecturer
  • Desktop Applications Development (University of Portsmouth, 2010)
    This unit is concerned with the development of applications for the end user including the development of graphical user interfaces using suitable tools and class libraries based on Java. Role(s):  Lecturer



  • Admissions Tutor (2016-present)
    Managing admissions for Computer Science for the following degrees: BSc Computer Science with Industrial Year and MSc in Advanced Computer Science. This involves making decisions on applications throughout the year, answering queries of potential applicants, ranking applications from Universities abroad, etc.
  • Visit and Open Day Organisation (2015-present)
    Planning and organising open days, i.e. the planning of showcases, management of the virtual reality facilities, coordination of staff involved in the open days, advertisement of our degrees through creation and distribution of promotional material, coordinating with central event team, etc.
  • Study Abroad Coordinator (University of Reading, 2013-2016)
    This involves supporting outgoing students and staff to partner institutions,  supporting visiting students by giving advice on living in the UK, reviewing applications of teaching and staff mobility with other EU institutions, periodic review of existing study abroad agreements; setup of new study abroad agreements, review of module choices of visiting Erasmus students.

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