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A method of rule induction for predicting and describing future alarms in a telecommunication network

Authors: Chris Wrench , Frederic Stahl, Thien Le, Giuseppe Di Fatta, Vidhyalakshmi Karthikeyan, Detlef Nauck


In order to gain insights into events and issues that may cause alarms in parts of IP networks, intelligent methods that capture and express causal relationships are needed. Methods that are predictive and descriptive are rare and those that do predict are often limited to using a single feature from a vast data set. This paper follows the progression of a Rule Induction Algorithm that produces rules with strong causal links that are both descriptive and predict events ahead of time. The algorithm is based on an information theoretic approach to extract rules comprising of a conjunction of network events that are significant prior to network alarms. An empirical evaluation of the algorithm is provided.

please request a copy here: https://fredericstahl.wordpress.com/publications/request-copy-of-a-publication/


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